Form Library

fall 2017 - spring 2018

Designing a library of forms with the intention to teach and pass knowledge on to the next generations of designers of form.



This project started as a collaboration between my fellow classmates Max Plummer and Jake Scherlis. We knew that we wanted to develop a project that tied our love of the tangible with our love of learning.

We reflected on what we wish we had learned over our time at Carnegie Mellon: what could we make that would teach others lessons we learned over our four years at Carnegie Mellon? How could we create a legacy experience that stayed valuable over time?

After much iteration, planning, testing, and then more iterating, we came up with a systemic library of forms that encourage exploratory play, discovery of form semantics, and provide a foundation of form language. The form library is built off of 3 simple transformations - pinch, sweep, and cut - that are then inverted, combined, and exaggerated to different degrees.