Hi, I’m Benal.

I'm an industrial designer. I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelor's of Design in 2018. I’m well-versed in the arts of industrial design, user experience design, design strategy, and future thinking/transition design methods. 

Outside of design, I draw, travel, and think. I cannot stop making things and am constantly throwing myself into new projects. I'm in love with design and how its process can transform people, places, and things into the unimaginable.

I’m really just very curious about making. I have a lot of ideas and they typically start with “wouldn’t it be cool if I did xyz?”

Then I thought, why not condense all these ideas into a list? So I made a “bucket list of projects I want to make a reality before I die.” I cross things off as I complete them. See it below, if you’d like.

Bucket List

  1. Create a research project on inclusive product design. (in progress)

  2. Illustrate a children’s book.

  3. Design something that marries together interactions between form and the digital world

  4. Illustrate an editorial piece (and have it published).

  5. Make 100 of something.

  6. Adopt a dog, or maybe three.

  7. Illustrate beer can labels for a local brewery

  8. Draw something, every day.

  9. Continue to design and build furniture.

If you would like to help me cross things off my incredibly long bucket list, please drop me a line.